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We are a big family with all of our users 😀

Thank you for supporting with our journey.
We want to make 3d printing easy for everyone with all knowledge level.

“I was using Octoprint before Repetiti, it was really fighting with raspberry pi and my computer.
After I using Repetiti, I had realised how 3d printing is a fun 😂”

Steven Bridges

“Repetiti is a a really painless and easy 3d printing software.

After a week I forget sd card and touching printer's buttons 😃 ”

Maria Askari
3D Designer

“We manufacture auto spare parts. Thanks to Repetiti, I spend less time on our printers.

I can focus growing my business with peace of mind. ”

Halit Gökkaya
Auto Parts Manufacturer

Some of Our Features

No special equipment required (You can use any old pc, raspberry pi or any internet connected device)

You can connect all of your 3d printers including all brands and models Creality, Anycubic, Two Trees. Setup just takes 3 minutes

Access your printers 24/7 via Repetiti anywhere in the world without any technical knowledge. (without any dns/ip configuration)

Start, pause, and cancel prints anytime, anywhere! Control prints from your phone, desktop, or tablet.

No special equipment required (You can use any Android, Ios(Iphone), raspberry pi or any internet connected device)

Setup just takes 1 minute, then you can watch all of your printers any time anywhere.

We value your privacy and take it seriously. All connection with your camera is secure and doesn't stored in our servers. We use webrtc protocol to send stream of your webcam directly from your webcam to you.

Use without any limits.

Don't hasssle with your printer's problems If you have any print quality issues, Repetiti uses its own AI for check-up of your 3d printer.

Repetiti sends commands to your printer and watches your printer's response.

Also Repetiti constantly monitors your printer's temperatures and motors. If any part of your print is likely to fail, Repetiti sends you notifications instantly.

With this check-up you can make predictive maintenance to your 3d printer and prevent bad prints before even happening.

No more hassling with complicated design softwares.

You can create any model you want with just a few clicks. Repetiti has integrated Openscad engine. With this capability you can customise and change any model you want with simple intuitive interface.

From creating any model you want to slicing and printing, you can streamline your 3d printing process easily.

Without any limitation.

Slice your models with simple interface. Repetiti automatically adjusts slicer settings according to your printer. Streamline your print process with just a few clicks.

Repetiti uses its custom Cura Slicer Engine with speed and quality improvements, so you don't have to install any program to your computer and you don't have to wait hours for just slicing 😂.

No more hassling with sd cards and slicers.

You can print with one click from thousands of products. Repetiti detects your printer and automatically handles slicing for you.

Also you can store all of your gcode and stl files in one neatly organised place.

With No storage size limit.

When you changed stl file or gcode file, all versions of your files are saved.

You can keep track of changes.

You can remove finished prints with a simple command in Repetiti.Com You don't need to change anything on your computer.

Just sit back and let Repetiti do all hard work!

Connect your telegram number or email to Repetiti, Start receiving printer status notifications.

Without any limits

Repetiti has build in queue system, so you don't need to remember what to print next.

Also Repetiti keeps track of your product's stock quantities and intelligently manage your printers to produces required amount for you.

Simplest Pricing

Stop wasting time and money on complicated softwares.
30-day Money back Guarantee!

Forever Free Plan

$ 0/month

  • Access your 3d printers from everywhere​
  • 2 CheckUp per day
  • Limited to 1 printer.
  • 1 camera limit
  • 10 Product Limit
  • 500 mb file Storage
  • 2 prints per day
  • 2 model create per day
  • Don't miss Anything With Notifications​

Pro Plan

$ 1.99/month/printer

  • Access all your 3d printers from everywhere​
  • Unlimited printer CheckUp
  • Unlimited printer Capacity
  • Unlimited Print
  • Unlimited Model Create
  • Unlimited Camera Capacity With No Extra Cost
  • Don't miss Anything With Notifications​
  • Queue your prints
  • Easy bulk printer control

  • Api access and callbacks of prints
  • Add unlimited members to your team
  • Automatic printer recognition
  • Bulk change print temperatures of all your gcodes
  • Print faster with asynchronous heating of bed and hotend
  • Automatic print starter
  • Dashboard of detailed statistics of printers
  • One click print thousands of products
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Unlimited product capacity
  • Auto Remove Prints Without Any Modification​
  • Take notes of your printers
  • Stock Tracking For Your Business​
  • One year long storage of logs
A Little More About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

You can connect Repetiti with just using your browser. Just connect your printer to your computer and visit https://panel.repetiti.com/download_repetiti_client

Or you can install our python program with just 3 simple steps.

You can instal Repetiti connection program to any device you want (for example old pc, raspberry pi, mac or any internet connected device)

Just visit https://panel.repetiti.com/download_repetiti_client link and select your operating system.

You will just install python and simple Repetiti connection python file. That's it ✅

You can print models in thingiverse.com without slicing and hassling with sd card.

First, Repetiti detects your printer

You can select any model you like and Repetiti handles slicing and sending it to your printer

Absolutely yes, everything in panel can be done with our api.

Currently, some of our customers fully integrated Repetiti.com to their Erp systems.

You can visit our api documentation https://www.notion.so/Repetiti-Open-Api-1d0c4a38f2e5455996c636fb28f9cd05

If you had an order from your products, just change "will be produced quantity" in your product page.

Repetiti automatically manages how many printers should print your product and starts printing your products.

You can get notifications of your printer with email or Telegram.(More alternatives coming soon)

You can manage which notifications to get in "Notifications" page in https://panel.repetiti.com/notification_preferences

Repetiti sends notifications below:

  • When your print finishes
  • When new print starts.
  • When printer need service
  • When your print stops
  • When your filament is low
  • When your printer needs periodic service

In 2020 Repetiti was a intended as an internal 3d printer management system. There are over 150 3d printers in our production center. As a result of large scale mass production, we wanted a system to control and manage all 3d printers.

Firstly, we started using Octoprint. However we have encountered so many problems with Octoprint such as lack of multi-printer management, difficulty of network management etc.

We wanted a 3d printer management software that must be easy to use, support all printer brands and models and fast to use without any special equipment.

After development of a year long journey, Repetiti finally launched at the end of 2021.

We want to make 3d printing fast and easy to everyone with all knowledge level.

Meet The Team

We are passionate to make 3d print as easy as possible.


Mehmet Farsak

Co-Founder, CEO/CTO

Etka İşcan

Co-Founder, COO

Furkan Özdemir

Co-Founder, CFO

Connect your printers to Repetiti in 3 minutes
Enjoy automation!


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